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I dont own rights to the Harry Potter characters. Lyra toma cartas en el asunto y planea una manera para lograr que Severus Snape salga con Harry a cambio de algo.Lyra sabe que eso es difcil ms no imposible. Her head tilted further to the side to allow him more access to her neck, and her arms tightened around him, savoring the taut feeling of the muscles of his back, plain even through his shirt. I dont own Harry Potter. "I was a jerk. He had nothing on underneath, and between his teenage hormones and that spell of Seamuss which seemed to be oddly permanent, he had a massive erection almost every moment of the day. Sometimes I just love magic, he thought to himself. Petunia couldnt help but moan, especially after Julie started gently stroking her nub. Petunia was just staring at them. Ron looked at the floor again. Though as he slowly increased his speed, those moans were also increasing in speed and volume. Harry grunted loudly, and Hermione felt his seed squirting within her, before all was wiped out by a bright flash of light, and her over-taxed mind was dealt another blow as she found herself experiencing the life of one Harry Potter, best friend, boy savior, and cosmic chew toy. Tonks reached out her hand and grabbed her wand from the table Julie had left it on, and with a quick flick, their discarded clothes followed them up the stairs. She saw the games of Harry Hunting, the lies, the beatings, and the intimidation of the students who might have befriended Harry otherwise. His aunt had a beauty all her own. His aunt was in the kitchen, just starting breakfast, when Harry entered. See you around Potter. Will she be all right?, The bird continued to stare, and Harry had a feeling he was being judged. She didnt know how much time had passed when she finally came back to herself, but she felt herself held in comforting arms, a hand gently rubbing her back as she wept. Occasionally she would take as much of his in as she could, but she just couldnt get that last couple of inches in. After a brief explanation, both young ladies were more than happy to help him with his continued morning wood. All you can see is that curse!, She spun and shot another spell at Harry. He gently ran his tongue up and down her slit several times, before he gently spread her lips with his fingers, and licked as deeply into her as he could. He needed to get him back for flipping him off. Harry cringed as he spotted Severus Snape snapping a put-down at his Godfather Sirius, as he left. He grabbed the fabric with his hands, but it stubbornly refused to tear, so he violently pulled it to the side to reveal her shaved bush and her dripping sex. "I would but you've seen it. The Great Harry Potter was nekkid! Petunia loved her family. He knows what it is like to be kept in the dark, and pushes for fuller disclosure. Bella has been heavily abused, and is seriously messed up. Sybil has always feared she was a failure, and didnt really have the gift. She saw how the magic that she regarded as freaky and unnatural, Harry regarded as life-saving, taking him out of his horrible life for more than nine months of the year. And shed managed to convince Sirius and Molly it would be a good idea to give him a bit of room, and try to draw him out slowly and gently. I cant really use this if you two dont give me some access. Petunia started removing her dress as quickly as she could, but Julie put on a striptease for her new lover, taking her time with her tight jeans and white top. As Tonks continued to mutter, she found her pain wasnt nearly so bad. She desperately wanted to join them, but she knew she had to be ready to drag them back to the rest of the world before people got suspicious. Mum, where are you? The creaking sounds he heard indicated that either the house was in the middle of collapsing, or Vernon or Dudley was climbing the stairs! He was able to last several minutes, this time, as he gently moved in an out, not pushing himself in nearly as far, as he could tell hed hurt his aunt, before. So Harry returned home to find Petunia had already finished cooking most of the dinner. If all that werent enough, she couldnt clear her mind of all these damned memories shed never actually lived through. He was captivated with the sounds she was making, and loved the look on her face when that first orgasm had hit her. It was about two hours later that Harry woke up. Emerald was just a kid and was born special. As he began to hit bottom on each thrust, she would tense her legs. Instead, So that little blond bastard is the one responsible for my rape, right?, But what about this this mind meld thing? Shite! Tonks swore under her breath. He was still pounding the lovely arse in front of him, but his grip on her hips relaxed a little bit, and he managed to temper his pace just a tad. It feels sooo good.. While she still loves Kim, and will fulfill her role in this universe, when her life ends she will return to Harry and Hogwarts. The day went by fairly normal after that, until Draco decided to say something to the red head. She saw, and she wept, as it finally registered just how horribly her family had abused the poor, loyal, caring child. Harry wasnt much better. Had.. Narcissa shook her head. But now he had Mrs. Polkiss what if he no longer wanted her? As she felt his seed spraying within her, her own orgasm hit, and her tight walls milked him for his remaining seed as she shivered and shuddered beneath him. of "truth or dare", leading to complete A further notice, Radaslab has a nice plot idea in his Harem War story that Im going to adopt, and evolve. That was how theyd ended up with his arms wrapped around her and his hands sketching comforting circles in her back. Hermione huffed to herself in frustration. He might find himself deciding rather suddenly that it was time to return home, but he was able to avoid any further rapes. He couldnt help but be slightly nervous because of Malfoys confidence, but he couldnt find anything wrong with himself. Orgasm. Or get the hell away so youll be safe. If not, how can we minimize the pain and damage?. The anger she saw in his eyes, she did not want that anger focused on her body. Also there are some short shitty ones in You and Draco have been having a secret relationship for a few years, why? I dont own a lasagna (but OH was it good while it lasted!) Mais Recentes | Mais populares | Mais comentadas. With four women already bringing him pleasure, Harry found he was able to avoid adding anybody else to his group. Dumbledores orders. Harry nodded his understanding Dumbledore liked giving orders. So does Hermione. After opening the windows in the master bedroom and the bath, he eased open the door about a centimeter. This was her second shift watching Harry, and the last time shed gotten to hear some very unreasonable and unflattering opinions from his obese cousin on the lad, as theyd headed back to Number Four for dinner. While I havent met a lot of them, Ive seen enough to know Dobby is different. She headed upstairs to bed, though she wouldnt get much sleep, this night. He took a deep breath, and looked her in the eyes, his chin glistening with the same juices running down her legs. She found she was not the only one weeping. I am ashamed! Vernon looked as if she had hit him with a frying pan, and Dudleys mouth was open so wide he could have fit an entire turkey leg in his mouth. My ears want a little more time to recover before next term begins.. Ron Weasley has a crush on Draco Malfoy.Draco Malfoy has a crush on Ron Weasley.Draco's father probably won't hear about this. Julie Montgomery had led a fairly normal but pleasant life. I saw every bit of it, and it doesnt matter. She got on her knees in front of him, and took his semi-erect cock into her hands. Read Bonus 11 from the story Die Geschichte von Lily Emily Potter (Harry Potter FanFiction) by SukiyoSumiSaiyajin (Lily) with 7 reads. When he heard his aunt speaking to her son down in the kitchen, he let himself out of her bedroom and quietly stepped into his own. She launched herself at him and kissed him with a passion that she shouldnt have been capable of at her age. Petunia, Julie and Lydia couldnt really suggest much in regards to a return to Hogwarts. Now that is what I call an orgasm! She collapsed on the bed, Harry laying right on top of her. That was it. Haharry? Ginny half-whispered, and half-screamed. Turn-abouts fair play lets see if you like my mouth as much as I like yours? She crawled between his legs, and her hands on the bed to either side of his, she took his head in her hot mouth. It was obvious most of them wanted to ask questions, but Harry was glad to see they held themselves back. Though this time was gentle, loving, and everything she ever could have wished for, she eventually was crying out for him to fill her, to stretch her, to give it to her harder. She saw that damned Malfoy spawn curse him, and the pain and pleasure hed brought to three women before herself. None of their minds are good enough to grab and integrate all this stuff as it comes through. Merlin, I hate parties!". And the horrible throbbing between her legs told her she had been raped. All shed been able to do after well, after the first time, was cry and apologize. It took just a couple of seconds to hitch her dress up, and as promised, her knickers practically disintegrated. I clear my throat. Hed come from nothing, but Petunia had been willing to give her everything to him, and he was determined to give her everything in return. He hadnt really had the time or the mental capacity to examine her before hed raped her. While Petunia would still climb into his bed for a quickie every few nights (in addition to their afternoon shags) she could never stay for long, for fear Vernon would wake up and find her missing. Though she hadnt heard the lock, due to her own silencing charm, the door wouldnt budge. Edited/R. He glanced at his aunts face, amazed at how sensual her moans were, and how those heavily-lidded eyes were somehow looking at him with lust instead of horror. But Harry hadnt reached his, yet. I love you, also, and I need you inside of me!. "Here," Ginny said and held a dress out to me. : "http://www. "No, anything is fine. Im hoping Ginnys young enough that it wont react to her, but we just dont know what kind of an age limit there might be, or if there is one at all. Harry shuddered at the thought of being forced to rape some tiny first year, or some five-year-old, or even a little baby. His back to the young people, Dobby sputtered. He found himself with Lydias back pressed against him, his full erection held tight between her back and his stomach, while his left hand was gently cupped around her breast. She was a little awkward as she straddled his waist and slowly began to lower herself on him, but even if it was her first time on top, she was enjoying herself. Yes, Hermione had been given a choice and a chance to make it, but shed been given so little time and information, and even then it had been close. Even though you had been dating him since third year, Pansy didnt think she would ever get used to the sight of a Gryffindor on the arm of her Slytherin crush. While Julie Polkiss and Petunia Dursley were not protected, a quick trip to the chemist and a home pregnancy test for each woman showed no junior Potter sprogs on the way. She had never heard anything so beautiful in her life, and it felt as if the music she heard was somehow soothing away her every pain. But this time Petunia, though crying at her fear for Harry, was not directly involved, and she knew it had barely been more than a minute since that bright flash of light, before the two were weeping before her. "You look really nice," he commented, pulling back, his hands still gripping my hips as he examined my appearance. During the Yule Ball, fourth year, she felt the shock, awe, and lust as he stared at her, wondering how hed never before realized she was not only one of his best friends (with Rons jealousy and betrayal, probably his best friend), but also growing into a very lovely and even sexy, young woman. She rode him for more than six minutes before her second orgasm hit her, and he rolled her off of him and onto her knees. He then gently pushed the auror back on the bed, spread her knees, and continued with his earlier kissing, now exploring her taut thighs. The nipples were now as hard as he was, and he knew he was going to have to nibble on those as soon as he managed to cum again. She pulled her wand back out of the pocket on her dressing gown and cast a silent alohomora. He saw her last all the way through Auror training, making new friends along the way, determined to stamp out those like her own extended family that lived off the misery of others. Herminone nodded gently. In regards to Min, Harry does not belong in this universe, and she can see nothing from him. She had to admit the young man looked quite handsome when shed finished with him. When I can reach the point of being able to write this chapter Ill come back to it, but for now, I need to move on. His fingers caressed her scalp as he wrapped them around the back of her head. She saw the leering, the comments, and the unwanted fondling of some of the girls in the neighborhood that might soon lead to the kind of treatment she had just experienced. Petunia couldnt believe her luck. When he was really in the mood to jack off, he might get a second load off, but a third was almost unheard of. It was the first time in months Id seen him without any of his friends. It felt wonderful, but Harry still had a way to go. As the two women dressed, Harry just grabbed his trousers and staggered to his room. AAUUGHGH! He positioned himself behind her, and in one smooth stroke, buried himself completely within her. (As of dinner last night) I dont own a Swedish meatball (though I may have in the past.) Several gasps could be heard from the surrounding students. Harry was able to discover the joys of not only making love to a woman, but waking to find one in his arms. Read this if you want to rant with me (please come), or need arguments against the idiots of this fandom. He saw the tiny beads of sweat starting to gather on her chest, and couldnt believe how erotic it was as one drop was soon swaying on the tip of her left nipple. He saw her at Hogwarts, a gifted student in some areas, nothing special in others. While he hoped Ginny might be young enough the curse would ignore her, he had no desire to rape Molly Weasley, either. He was desperate to bury his cock back in the auror, and soon was sliding himself along her wet folds, before gently pushing his head into her. Harry jammed his hands into the tight fabric of the womans jeans, making sure he caught the panties underneath, and he gave a mighty jerk, tearing both over her hips and revealing her sex. Being one of the last remaining descendants of Merlin- the Greatest Wizard of all time- she finds 'She was his, and he was hers, now for eternity' He saw as Ginny was virtually programmed to love him and to fall for him, and wondered how many other girls in the wizarding world were raised the same way? Draco wants to go to some party and I don't have a dress or anything, you know? She shoved the door wide and began to raise her wand. Julie looked terrified, her thoughts suddenly turning to her husbands reaction if she were suddenly pregnant. I never knew you were so kinky, she said to her neighbor. True, he claimed one had provided an illusion of a little extra length, but it was only visual, and the Irish student had eventually decided that an illusion that neither he nor whatever witch he might wish to share his greatest treasure with could feel was actually rather worthless. But what they didnt know is that youd told all your peers a lie, all so you could trick Draco into being with you!. She might not have the greatest body at Hogwarts, but she was quite attractive enough. He took her in his arms and rolled over, so that she was resting on top of him, his erection still buried in her. He never let up for a second, frantically thrusting in and out of her trembling flower, his cock covered in her blood as she continued to scream. Draco Malfoy is forced to stay on the Weasley property, while Charlie comes home for vacation. Ron had sat forward in his chair. But but what about this compulsion to make love, after the rape? Draco Malfoy has been cursed to die in a year. The day Voldemort was destroyed by the love a mother held for her son. Harry started gathering the rest of the dishes and carrying them to the sink. That magic is not real, obviously. Pairings: Draco/Ron, Snape/Harry, Krum/Hermione, Neville/ Luna Gods of Magic Love the Youngest Weasley Son, Ron Weasley & Harry Potter & Pansy Parkinson & Blaise Zabini, Sometimes when your friends are scheming you need to make your own schemes, no major character death (i dont plan on it at least), How to Succeed in Dark Wizardry (Without Really Trying), minor Hannah Abbott/Neville Longbottom - Relationship, Ron Weasley & Daphne Greengrass & Marcus Belby & Hannah Abbott, Golden Trio | Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley Friendship, Divorced Lucius Malfoy & Narcissa Black Malfoy, Post-Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Hermione Granger pulls all the guys (real). Dudley kept his complaints to a minimum. How? she asked. Meanwhile, for anybody who might be reading this and not be able to post chapters in their own stories, Ill pass along the work-around that allows chapters to be added, until fanfiction dot net can get around to fixing whatever is wrong with the site: For those of you who arent aware, theres a site error on FF at the moment thats preventing people from updating stories in categories with over 40,000 or so stories (e.g. Millicent youre a genius!. He saw her shunned in Hufflepuff, because of her connection to the family Black, and her own horror as she fell for the lie that her favorite cousin turned to the dark and betrayed his best friends, before getting them killed. She saw her Dinky Dudders as Harry saw him. The things I said to some people, the things I said to you". There werent words for how good that was. I dont want to hurt you, he said. She exploded. The auror sent Harry a questioning look. Since the first stage included both an end to the insults to Harry and the change of diet, Harry was quite satisfied. She felt so wonderful around his cock, as he slowly pushed inch after inch into her. It has been so damned long! He was vastly impressed with the young beauty. They returned home just in time for Harry and Petunia to begin making sandwiches for lunch, which were shared with Dudley, Piers, and his mother Julie, who had stopped in for a visit. Then they became friends, and she saw how much he appreciated her loyalty. Petunia let out another loud moan. ', You might want to think less about apologizing to him, and more about just talking to him. He glanced down her body at that taut, firm ass, and he couldnt help it he knew it was time for round two. Real? Well see what happens. He forced his hands under her tight buttocks, and pulled her closer still. Come on, Baby, Hermione gasped, Come on! For his birthday this year, the four ladies will take him out for a nice steak dinner, and an evening at a hotel, where Harry will have his first (but certainly not last) orgy, spending the night with all four women. As he made friends, faced foes, and found the things he was good at. You decide. The other spell?, I dont know, Harry admitted. This time he rolled her onto her knees and took her from behind, grinding himself into her, his hands holding her hips as he slammed against her ass! But Julie was facing toward him while Petunia had faced away. The reason Draco hates Harry so much is more complicated than it seems. Draco smirked. His now-massive cock twitched violently, and suddenly he launched a stream of cum a good seven feet through the air before the white goo hit the water. Harry Riddle Potter es sin duda uno de los mas guapos en Hogwarts, junto con Draco y Lyra, pero siempre que alguien intenta algo con l nunca lo logra. I just want him to be happy again," I said and sat down on Ginny's bed. He collapsed on her, then rolled off to the side, well-spent and breathing heavily. Which is why as later chapters continued on, less and less of the rapes would be shown in as great of depth, because nothing positive would be gained from continuing to show them in all their depths. While Aunt Petunia and Julie had sex with him the most frequently, having more free time, the length of time they were able to spend was shorter, as they had families they had to keep in the dark about their relationships. Shed only managed to swallow about half the nasty liquid before it was knocked from her hand as Harry violently shoved her onto the bed. Petunias bucking got frantic, her hold on Harrys head, desperate. Content: Chapter 1 to 11 of 11 chapters Ginny was a lovely girl, with a load of baggage worthy of Harry, himself. Harry briefly explained about his new lover. Did they blame her, even as the adults said it was not her fault? Gently! Harry, you are so special, youve put up with so much, and you make me feel so good! I dont care how upset Vernon might feel, Petunia Dursley replied. Ill be right there, mother! She rolled out of bed and started grabbing for her clothes. Draco stood there stunned for a moment before he pulled out his wand. In the rematch, Harry will be able to go harder and faster, and will take Diana for 10 hours before she passes out from pleasure. Ron's life continues to change in radical ways, including accepting the proposal of a lifetime. Soul fails, all is lost.. It was a good thing his relatives were fairly heavy sleepers. After Luna, Harry is safe for the rest of the train ride, and the welcome feast is safe, if a little uncomfortable. Just a little more! First, chapter 8, the incomplete chapter. She had tried endlessly to get Draco to end things with you since you got together, and it had almost worked at the beginning of the relationship: she attempted to convince him that even if he did like you, the lingering presence of your friends - Harry, Ron and Hermione - just wasnt worth it. The bo the man was pure sex when he used that voice. As they stepped out of the shower, Harry gently helped dry her off, then handed her the same robe hed torn off her the day before. Potter, fine. Ill make sure Im back in tomorrow. A few more seconds and shed hung up. document.write("
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